Seabuckthorn-apple juice (pasteurised), 4 pcs.

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Here am I - pure seabuckthorn! I treat and make you more beautiful. I work from head to foot. I am your doctor who heals, a nurse who furnishes the cells with vitamins and other good substances, a hospital attendant who excretes and stimulates the work of livers. Read my Legend, read my properties - it is all here in this bottle.

100% natural, Sea-buckthorn juice supplemented by apple juice (16.9%) and fructose (8.1%), pasteurised. Nutritional value in 100 g juice: carbohydrates (21.9 g); fat (3.5 g); protein (0.08 g). energy value: 439 kJ/104.8 kcal. Shake well before use!

Volume, ml: 300

Product Specification

70% biologically grown pure seabuckthorn juice from Latvian seabuckthorn berries; 22% pure apple juice from Latvian apples; 8% fructosis.

Customer review

The juice is incredibly fantastic. It is vitamin and energy dose for the whole day. Especially in cold and dark days when all these viruses are around, I cannot imagine to start my day without a half glass of this juice. It's like a handful of sunshine in this dark time. And all viruses stay away. Moreover, it is tasty!

Inga 30.12.2011 09:51

My family is using this sea buckthorn juice already for the second year, and thanks to this juice, I've got rid of some chronic health problems which doctors said that I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

Kristin 30.12.2011 09:47

This sea buckthorn juice is really good and gives energy even better than coffee

Elina 30.12.2011 09:41

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